100 protest photos posted on Facebook: one each morning in the days following the 2017 Women’s March on Washington and the inauguration of Donald Trump. Each photo was chosen in response to a New York Times headline in that day’s online edition. The series began with photos from the Women's March on Washington, but grew to include photos from numerous protests that occurred  in Philadelphia over the winter and spring.
#SignsoftheTimes was exhibited at the Painted Bride Art Center March 2-April 15, 2018 as part of InLiquid’s Winged Woman: The Art of Arlene Love and Contemporary Parallels.
In the fall of 2018, #SignsoftheTimes: Midterm Election Edition, a storefront installation created in advance of the 2018 midterm elections, displayed 208 protest photos. Additional photos were drawn from the 2018 Women's March on Philadelphia, the Philadelphia March for Our Lives, and a protest at Senator Pat Toomey's office during the Brett Kavanaugh hearings.