50+ from Philly/25 from Medellín was created as part of 75ºWest/75ºOeste, an ongoing collaboration with Medellín-based cultural worker Daniel Urrea. 75ºWest/75ºOeste creates exchanges of art, culture, knowledge and ideas between citizens of Philadelphia and Medellín, two cities located on the 75th degree west line of longitude that are both poised in a liminal moment of urban development.
In June 2015, miniaturized prints of over 300 works of art by over 50 Philadelphia artists were exported to Medellín. The art was exhibited at Casa Tres Patios, was distributed to the public, and formed the core of workshops on free trade and the value of artistic production with Casa Kolacho, Proyecto NN, Escuela Nacional Sindical, Centro Colombo Americano, and Cephas.
In exchange, the work of 25 Colombian artists was exported to Philadelphia, formed the core of workshops at the U.S. Social Forum and Savery Gallery, and was exhibited in October and November at 319 N. 11th Street. Distribution of artwork continued in Philadelphia throughout the winter.
75ºWest/75ºOeste is supported by an Art and Change Grant from the Leeway Foundation and by the Puffin Foundation.